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91% of users are more likely to purchased from brands offering coupons, promotions and discounts online.
Social Media and Paid Search have a nearly equal ROI, but social media is less expensive.
Social Media Status Updates are 47% more effective than email and traditional marketing.
Less than 14% of people trust ads. Over 78% of people trust consumer recommendations.
Over 80% of online consumers research products online & are open to changing brands.
74% of Internet users buy from brands that interact with them.
66% of social media users use comments & feedback to influence purchases.
68% of people are likely to buy from brands they like, follow and circle online.
30 Minutes per day engaging with your community can increase your revenue by 40%.
300% Average community growth using our social media services.
Our clients see a 188% average revenue growth in one year.
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"...thanks for helping to make the start of our first quarter in 2012 a great success. January was the biggest month 99Designs has had to date..." - 99Designs, 2012
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Traditional marketing is forced on the viewer through TV, print and radio advertisements; an intrusive tactic with a very low response rate.
Our social media and Internet marketing services are designed to integrate with your current business and marketing plans, and customizable to meet you goals and budget. The overview below is a list of common services offered; however, additional products and serviced can be custom designed, implemented and measured for all of your marketing needs.
Dedicated, Complete Social Media Management
Sustainable Marketing Plan Development & Management
Community Building - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & more...
Brand Management - Logos, Content, Copyright, Social Web Design, Awareness & more...
Interactive Content Creation
Social Community Engagement
Organic Search Optimization
Social Media Optimization
Heatmap Indexing & Design
Online Contests & Giveaways
FREE Custom Analytics Reports
Remember, we can build & customize any service to meet your business needs & budget. If you can think it, we can do it!
Social marketing is completely opt-in, meaning users voluntarily view your advertisements; leading to a higher ROI over traditional channels.
Traditional marketing is a one-sided approach without a clear channel for communication, eliminating an active community.
Social marketing creates a multiple lane approach fostering communication between consumers and the brand, creating an engaged community or loyal customers.
With traditional marketing, advertisers spend millions trying to reach people that don't care enough to act, ending word-of-mouth.
Social marketing, on the other hand, is extremely cost-effective with many free options, increasing word-of-mouth through the community - attracting new leads and customers with little effort.